Our Quality Control

To ensure that every strain we offer meets our high quality standards, we conduct careful quality controls. Every new delivery we receive is subject to our strict testing process to ensure quality.

The strains we offer are regularly sent to a certified analysis laboratory to test for alkaloid content and various undesirable substances. In addition, each new strain is tested and evaluated by a group of experienced testers and ourselves based on various criteria before being sold. Only strains that receive positive results from these tests make it into our selection. If a strain cannot meet all requirements in these tests, it will either not be released for sale or offered at a reduced price in the "clearance" category with a reason provided.

Consistent Quality - A Challenge

Like most natural products, Kratom is subject to natural variations. Factors such as temperature, soil quality, and humidity constantly affect the alkaloid and other substance content, making it difficult to maintain a product of consistently high quality.

Although our Kratom farmers have extensive experience and are true experts in their field, they too are subject to natural variations to a certain degree. While a harvest of differing quality has become a rare exception, it cannot be entirely avoided over time. However, with our quality assurance method, we have been very successful in remaining largely independent of these natural variations and maintaining the quality of our products at a consistently high level.

Our strict testing process is not only carried out with every new strain, but every new harvest of a known strain is also tested in the same way. For this reason, the number of strains offered in our shop may vary from time to time. It simply doesn't make sense for us and our customers to offer the same standard strains such as Red Borneo or Green Malay at all times if not every harvest of these strains meets the desired high quality. Instead, we only offer Kratom strains for sale that have the highest quality at the current time by consistently subjecting every new Kratom delivery to our quality assurance proces


Our strains are regularly tested for alkaloid content and undesirable substances in a certified testing laboratory. In addition, every strain undergoes a strict quality assurance testing process before being released for sale, allowing us to consistently offer products of high quality.

Good Kratom powder can be recognized by its fresh scent and fine consistency, among other things. Unfortunately, it is not possible to determine whether Kratom has been adulterated with extracts or other substances or whether it contains unwanted and harmful substances through external examination. Therefore, it is important that you receive reliable proof of the product's quality.
To provide this proof, we subject our strains to regular laboratory tests.

We regularly have our strains tested for alkaloid content and undesirable and harmful substances in a certified testing laboratory. You can find more information about this here.